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A Unit Trust Website

A Unit Trust Website can help you find the right unit trust fund, by putting you in touch with an online service that helps you pick the most appropriate unit trust fund from a huge range of available products.

Unit trusts are a type of collective investment scheme, which invests in a selection of stocks and shares to form an underlying portfolio. This is divided into units which can be bought by investors. You can invest a lump sum and / or pay into the investment fund monthly and there are no restrictions on how much you can invest.

If you wish to find out more about unit trusts, please read the guide that can reached by clicking here. If you already feel confident that you are able to self-select an appropriate fund, click here to use the fund selector service.

If you fail to find a product that you like, or wish to check out the sites and services offered by other providers, then you can access a number of other unit trust websites by clicking here.

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